Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obscene Advertisement

I'm working on the philosophy of media legislation and come across the issue of obscene advertisement. It so happen that I read a comment posted in Utasan Malaysia commenting on how Malaysian artists daringly revealed themselves. In my observation this is a common phenomenon that we see in most of our daily. In yesterday The Star if you look in STARtwo T7, you may see Armani Exchange advert that I consider as a sexy advert, portrying a women with her hand on a man thigh, with unbutton shirt and behind her is a topless man with an unzipped trousers ...well I don't have to elaborate further.
In the US Calvin Klein had been criticised for his advert which some people decsribe as 'borderline pornographic'. And NGO do take legal action against him. I'm wondering why does these sort of advert manage to slip to our printed media? KDN probably need to browse the newspaper and at the same time individu with public spirit need to come forward and point out the danger of letting all this advertisement being printed without control. In Malaysia we have ample law and regulation on obscene materials.

The question is...What happen to these laws?

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  1. well, enforcement... Enforcement is too relaxed. But then again the situation begs the question of whither should we really regulate this? Infact should we even regulate pornography, when the access to pornography is just a click away. Self regulations are the best form of hindrance. I think the state has no business telling people what is obscene and what is not.